Our John Calvin School has been established by the Albany Free Reformed Church Education Association, which is an Association of parents and members of the Free Reformed Churches of Australia.  The John Calvin Schools have been established for the purpose of glorying God, and to assist parents in nurturing and educating the children of the Church.

One of the hallmarks and strengths of the John Calvin School is that (by Constitution) all parents who wish to enrol their child(ren) must subscribe to the Reformed Confessions and be active members of the Church.  This ensures the Christian Worldview taught at school aligns with what children are taught at home and in Church.

Parents in the process of becoming members of the Free Reformed Church who desire their children to receive a Christian education may enrol their child(ren) if the following is observed:

  • These parents and their children regularly attend the Sunday worship service in the Free Reformed Church, with an aim of becoming members of the Church;
  • Their children, if eligible, attend catechism classes;
  • There is room within the school to cater for their children;
  • The appropriate fees are paid;
  • The parents agree to uphold the Association’s Constitution and conditions detailed in the Enrolment Agreement

For those interested in learning more about the Reformed Christian faith and lifestyle, our school Association would be more than happy to arrange a formal or an informal meeting to share information and help you with any questions that you may have.